Boost Your Self Love

If you struggle with your weight, working on your level of self-acceptance is a great way to break the trap of not valuing yourself. It is very difficult to take good care of something you don’t value. When you love yourself unconditionally, flaws and all, you want to put the effort into changing negative habits for the better. You want to work at being the best version of yourself. You wouldn’t be willing to put effort into improving the life of someone you don’t love.

The truth is, you can’t hate your body and love yourself. The way to accept your body, even with the extra fat, isn’t to convince yourself that the fat is good, but to view your body objectively. You see the good points and the bad points and you’re OK with it. You understand that in the past you have overeaten in order to cope, but that you no longer need to overfeed yourself to be happy. Whilst in the past you may have believed that food takes care of you, when you learn to truly accept yourself, you begin to understand that food simply takes care of hunger. Instead of eating, you reach out to people to take care of you and you learn to take care of yourself. While in the past food may have meant love and comfort, now it is just fuel for living and often pleasure too.

The truth is that in this society we are taught that praising ourselves is selfish and wrong. But in actual fact reminding yourself of what you like about yourself daily is healing and nourishing. So often we only see the negative aspects of ourselves, but the people who love us see all our good points. Our loved ones often see us with rose tinted glasses. So try looking at yourself the way a loved one looks at you and remember that you are loved and lovable.

When we love ourselves, we are happier and true to our own selves. When we value and respect ourselves, we have compassion when we slip up. There is no failure in learning. Sometimes we may overeat in order to tolerate turbulent emotions, but we begin to understand that food can only ever solve the problem of hunger or craving. When you learn to trust yourself with food and your ability to feed yourself just the right amounts to feel satisfied, you are mastering the art of intuitive self care.

Each time you take a self-loving action, you are reinforcing how much you value yourself. Being kind to yourself is a reflection of your self worth. Doing comforting and nurturing things for yourself that don’t involve food, helps you to create new habits. When you love yourself, you realise there is much more to life than food.

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